Unpublished Writings

Articles written by Dolph, but not published (dates written are included with titles):

A Glimpse into the Lives of Washington D.C.’s Homeless by Dolph Hatfield (2004)

Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ: Is it Anti-Semitic? by Dolph Hatfield (April 2004)

The Pamplona Bull Run by Dolph Hatfield (Fall 2005)

An Unexpected Journey Back from Paralysis by Dolph Hatfield (November 2012)

First Jackie Robinson, then Larry Doby by Dolph Hatfield (May 2013)

From Mount Kilimajaro to Uganda: My Two Tanzanian “Sons”  by Dolph Hatfield (January 2018)

We Only See Our Own Pain (In Progress)

My Fair Gentleman (In Progress)